Dear Nicholas, You are writing this to yourself on an old fashioned typewriter like you used in high school. Your hunt and peck technique has not improved that much, but it is better. I hope that when you read this in 2014 that you have learned not to take things so much seriously as you do now. I hope you have traveled the world with Tian. That you and Tian have a home full of laughter and joy. You both deserve all the happiness that life has to offer. It has been 22 months since the accident, you are pretty much recovered now and have been working 12 weeks at Citi Habitats and are still trying to do your first deal. You just left therapy at CVTC with Louise, and were walking home and saw this short film project outs de of Hungarian Pastry and it looked cool and fun and you asked to participate. I love you. Nicholas (me, at 49)!

ps: this was an adventure, you are now used to the modern keyboard but now you are humming along!